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What Tweezers Are Best For Eyelash Extensions?

What Tweezers Are Best For Eyelash Extensions?

Eye makeup has always been important among all of the make-up products. Only a good make up can make you stand out in an event, ceremony or party. If you are confused and feeling stress while buying an eye lash, here we shall discuss a few of the tips that will make your purchase easy and simple.


It is recommended to do maximum research before buying any product or getting any service. If you are living in a populous city, there must be different stores and outlets from where you can get the eyelash extension. But problem would be that you will not be able to decide that which one is an authentic outlet among so many outlets. So it is recommended to hire an artist that is specialized in putting lashes commonly known as lash artist. Before hiring an artist, it is important to check the reviews that what people think about the artist’s services.

Natural Eyelashes:

Natural eyelashes must not be affected while putting an eyelash extension. It is recommended to apply a proper application method because if eyelash extensions are not put properly, they affect the natural eyelashes that is not good. After setting the eyelash extension on eyes, do not touch them in either way.


If you are going to visit your lash artist or any event, it is recommended to reach 5 to 10 minutes prior the event or any ceremony. In this way, if you face any problem with your eyelash extension, you will be able to discuss with your lash artist that has put them on your eyes.

First Appointment:

Putting the lash extensions on eyes is a time taking process specially if it is been done for the first time from either side. It is been observed that entire process of eyelash extension takes time of around 90 to 120 minutes if you are putting the eyelashes for the first time on your eyes. During the process, your eyes will be closed and you would not be able to open while the process id going on.90-120 minutes is quite a good time if you want to take rest, nap or sleep. It is recommended to choose a time for eyelash extensions in which you want to relax or want to take off from your work.

Customized Eyelash Extensions:

Nowadays everything is customized. It has become easy to access the desired things. You can make people to design the thing exactly as you want. Same is the case with eyelash extensions. You can ask the designers to design the eyelash extensions according to your give specifications. Nowadays there are range of customized eyelash extensions available in the market. Customization of eyelash extension is based on the different diameters, length and curl of the eyelash extension. Different looks can be created based on the person’s demand. Cat eyes look remained very popular among the girls for a long period of time. So put an eyelash extension that suits your eyes and taste.

Natural Look:

 If you are going out for the very first time, then it is not necessary to put eyelash extensions. It is completely your choice but it is recommended to go out with natural look for the first time.


It is been observed that usually eyelash extensions have been put on the eyes for two to three weeks. If you want that eyelash extensions should remain in your eyes for the longer period of time, then it is recommended to not touch the eyes nor rub them with your very careful while touching the eye.


It is an amazing feature of the eyelash extensions that you can put your eyes in water or wash your mouth while wearing them. They will not get away from your eyes for the touch of water. So you can get your eyes wet but it is recommended to wait for 12 to 24 hours before getting them wet. After the specified time, you can get your eyes in water, play with water or whatever. There is no harm and you can enjoy wearing it in everything you want to do.

Make Up:

Eyelash extensions serve the entire eye makeup. It can be taken as great replacement for eyeliner, mascara and other eye stuff. Still if you want to do eye makeup, it is completely your choice but make sure that you are using oil free eye makeup.


Obviously eyelashes add beauty to your eyes for a short period of time. They are not permanent. Often person gets tired of wearing it.So you can remove the eyelash extension tweezers by yourself or wait till it automatically gets off from your eyes.

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