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Hair Cutting Shears:

Our company provides Hair Cutting Shears with straight, full offset, and semi offset grips. Because of our easy click tension adjustment system, these scissors are user friendly, enabling the most comfortable feel for the perfect cut. These hair scissors also feature the ultra-sharp Convex edge, triple hand honed and hollow ground for durability and Razor sharpness.

These beautiful Hair Cutting Shears are made from the Highest Quality of Japanese Stainless Steel. They are coated Beautifully for extended durability.

Hair Cutting Scissors:

The Hair Cutting Scissors are an ideal hair Cutting Scissors for Cosmetologists, Professional Hairstylists, Hairdressers and Barbers working in high volume hair cutting salons.

Our company provides a Lifetime Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. We care about your comfort, money, and passion of hairstylists.

Hair Scissors:

Taichi Industries Hair Scissors are made of high-quality Japanese Stainless Steel that offers a comfortable grip and is ideal for cutting and styling wet and dry hair. Forged Blades provide the purest steel edges that can be sharpened to a razor-like finish. Convex Blades promotes long-lasting edge sharpness by offering a single point of contact. Off-Set Handle design promotes natural hand and finger position for optimal comfort. Premium steel blades are vacuum heated and tempered providing the purest materials that last for years.

Hair Cutting Scissors:

What makes our Hair Cutting Scissors special are the forged blades which are durable for razor-like cutting edges. Moreover, the convex blades which are for long-lasting sharpness, and the perfect offset handle are for ergonomic comfort. Fatigue fingers or tired wrists are no more an issue with our latest range

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