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How Do You Organize Expensive Jewelry?

How Do You Organize Expensive Jewelry?

Are you scared of losing your expensive necklaces and chunky bracelets? Well, losing costly pieces of jewelry is itself pain and loss.

When you have a beautiful collection of long necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, you make sure to keep them with you as long as possible.

So, for this purpose, you either keep them locked in jewelry boxes or get a jewelry organizer to keep them in their place. When you are not having a jewelry place or something like that, you put your bracelets and necklaces here and there.

In the hustle-bustle, you put them somewhere, and later it becomes a challenge to find them. Organizing your jewelry because of the fear of losing it is a tough job, and one cannot avoid it until and unless, pays attention to it.

When you put something on the countertop or the drawer, it either falls or gets misplaced. Especially when you put on things like necklaces and earrings. Jewelry pieces are already delicate, and when fell get broken.

To protect your jewelry from breaking and losing, you have to work on your organizing abilities. If you do not pay attention to your jewelry, you lose them real soon.

Jewelry is something that requires special storage and space. You cannot randomly put them on your countertop or drawer. It is risky to place them in open places or to put them on each other.

When you put one earring on another, they get tangled, and it becomes a challenge to pull each other apart without doing damage to any.

How Can You Organize Your Expensive Jewelry?

When you bring heavy and expensive jewelry items at home, the first thought you have in your mind is to put them in a safe place. So for this purpose, here are some of the ways by which you can organize your jewelry, and they include

Choose the Nearest and Safest Place

When you have to change your earnings daily according to your dress, it means you have to think of a place where you can visit easily. When you put your jewelry on the last shelf of your cupboard it gets hard to approach them. Especially, when you need them daily.

You should think of a place where you can easily visit. You can store your jewelry where you regularly visit or go in the morning like, in your closet or bedroom. The first step of organizing your jewelry is to keep it in a safe and nearest place.

For this purpose, you can choose your dressing counter, your closet, bedroom, or bathroom. Set that place and make space for putting your jewelry items.

Inspect the Damaged Pieces

Before you organize your jewelry, it is necessary to see if you have broken pieces in it. The broken pieces can damage the other jewelry items. So, for prevention, it is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible.

If you see that something can be repaired, get it repaired on time. And if not, then either donate or toss the unused jewelry items. It is also a good chance of getting rid of the old pieces of jewelry which are not in use.

You can also replace them with new fresh pieces to make use of them.

Choose Shallow Drawers

When you are making space for putting jewelry, the first thing people approach is the room drawer. But do you know the right place of the drawer to put jewelry? If not, let me tell you it is the shallow and closed part of the drawer.

Shallow parts allow you to put as many things in them as possible. It is tough to put long necklaces in small drawers because of space issues. But when you have shallow drawers, you get more space to adjust all the long and small items of your jewelry.

Why choose the closed drawers is the question? Well, closed drawers are the best option for putting jewelry because they protect it from getting dirty.

When the doors of the drawers are closed, the risk of getting dirt decreases. In this way, your jewelry remained free of dirt.

Use Jewelry Boxes

If you want to organize your jewelry in a way, that nothing gets tangled, use separate boxes for it. For this purpose, you can buy jewelry boxes for keeping necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

In this way, all of them will get their personal space, and will not get misplaced, broken, or tangled. It will also help you in finding the right necklace for your dress on time.

Sometimes when you are in hurry, you cannot afford to spend a lot of time finding the matching bracelet for your dress. To avoid all these situations, you can use the jewelry boxes to keep everything in their place

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