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The Top Hair Cutting Tools for Hairdressing

The Top Hair Cutting Tools for Hairdressing

Hair-cutting tools are the essentials of the hairdressers. Without the right tools, be it the hair-cutting scissors or the hairdressing shears, a hairstylist is incomplete. As important as a brush to the painter, and a camera to the photographer, is the hairdressing equipment to a barber!

If you are into hair styling, you might have familiarized yourself with common terms such as shears, scissors, clippers, brushes, etc. The list of the important equipment for a hairstylist is a long one, but the essential elements are just a few.

While the hair cutting scissors and hairdressing shears take up the lead, the top five most important tools also include combs, clippers, and the brush. These are the tools of the beginners as well as the maestros.

In this blog, we will explore how these five essential elements are said to be the fundamentals of the hairdressing and hair styling business. This blog will not only help you in familiarizing yourself with the important but also the use of every tool. And by the end of the blog, you’ll be no less than an expert in the theory!

Hair Cutting Scissors

Scissors are not only the most basic but also the most important tool you’ll find in a salon. To a layman, they may be no different than the kitchen scissors, but the professional knows what the detailing can bring to the table.

The intricacies of the hair-cutting scissors are nothing like that of the ordinary pair of scissors you use for your daily chores. They are much sharper and are designed in delicate ways to cut hair in different styles.

The pivot of the hair-cutting scissors is nothing like that of an ordinary one. The tightness and looseness of the pivot play a great role in defining the motion of the scissors. The pivot is designed in such a way that an appropriate amount of tension is produced, which can be manoeuvred easily.

One main difference that one can easily point out in the hair cutting scissors and a common pair of scissors is the “tang”. Tang is a point on the handle made specifically to lay the pinky.

What might be the purpose, one thinks? It gives better control, and easy maneuvering by giving a much comfortable position to the hand of the stylist.

Does the “tang” help to achieve a comfortable position? Yes, it definitely does. Hair stylists who use the appropriate size of scissors, and know how to maneuver the tension, are not prone to diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and bursitis.

Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors, technically termed texturizing shears are the buzz-attractors in the field. They are designed differently from the normal hair-cutting scissors. They have a comb, either on one side of the two of the fingers of the scissors, or both.

Hair blending is a tough task. Even professionals may come across problems in blending the hair. Texturizing shears, on the other hand, are the designated ones for the job.

They are also used for volume through certain hair-cutting techniques. Yes, you read it right, although the name is thinning shears, you can bring volume if you use them with different hair-cutting techniques. Don’t forget, only experts can do that!

Hair Clippers

Hair-cutting tools can be gender-related too. Yes, exactly! See hair clippers, for example, they are used for cutting and trimming male hair. Hair clippers are generally related to men because they are used to cut hair really short. Like that of the military hairstyles and fades.

Let’s take our words back because hair clippers are also used by female hair stylists sometimes. Clippers are used to cut short hair or bob, and sometimes even the layers.

The hair clipper is basically a two-razor-shaped comb. The function is very similar to that of a hair cutting scissors. The position and mechanism of function are what separates them from the latter.

Hair Trimming Tools

There is a slight difference between hair trimmers and hair clippers. The difference is so minute that one usually takes them for another. Only on close inspection does the difference appear.

Trimmers are different from hair clippers due to their shallow and smaller teeth. They may look like hair clippers, but they cannot cut hair as much as the clippers. The reason is their shallow and small teeth that are not sharp enough to cut all the hair that gets between their teeth.

These tools usually come with a motor. The motor slides across the surface with a force that slices the hair.

Straight Razors

Straight razors also known as feathering razors, also known as texturizing razors, are used to bring volume to the layers of the hair. They add volume as well as texture to the haircuts. They are different from the plain cuts given by the hair-cutting scissors and give a more stylish look.

The main reason why they upgrade the hair-cutting game is that they do not cut the hair in straight lines. The rough and jagged appearance they leave brings texture to the hair. The hair doesn’t look like it is cut.

Hairdressers are now combining hair-cutting tools, scissors cut the hair into straight lines and the finishing look is given with razors. The elite combination of the scissors and razors gives both a sharp cut and adds texture and volume to the hair.

A straight razor or styling razor may look like a straight knife. However, they come in different shapes and sizes to ensure your safety and bring about innovation in hair styling techniques.

If you are not fond of the harp cuts or straight lines, better tell your stylist right away!


The final product of your hairstyling depends on the tools you use. Familiarizing with different types of equipment, knowing their use, and applying the right techniques are key to having a successful hairdressing career.

A good hairdresser is not the one who has all the advanced equipment in his hands; he is the one who knows what tool to use, and when to use it!
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