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The Ultimate Barber Scissors Buying Guide

The Ultimate Barber Scissors Buying Guide

Barbers are the guys with limited tools. They are not found loaded with equipment like many other pros in different fields. Barber’s scissors are one of the most valuable assets, and they treat it like one. Therefore, they put a lot of effort into finding the right tool to come up with the demands of their business.

Although the number of tools in the barber's bag might be less than the others, but that doesn’t mean it is not hard to find. With a plethora of options in the market, like any other professional, barbers go through the hassle of finding an appropriate pair of scissors for their salon.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of scissors to explore more about them. By comparing different options available, picking up the right product becomes quite easy. Let’s see what’s on the table for our enthusiasts and pro barbers.

Brands that Make the Best Barber Scissors

Certain brands are worth the mention while we are discussing the barber scissors. The most prominent ones in the market are; Matsui, Yasaka, Joewell, and Sozu.

The most crucial factors that a barber looks for in scissors are their quality, sharpness, and efficiency. Ease of use and comfort are also one of the deciding factors when looking for tools. The price of the products comes afterwards.

When one finds a top-notch quality product that gives both comfort and performance, the price is often a negotiable factor. In such scenarios, we often recommend Japanese and German products.

Both Japanese and German markets offer stainless steel tools for barbers. Stainless steel tools are the most reliable ones in the market. They not only ensure superior performance but offer durability and a long lifespan of the products.

Types of Barber Scissors

Barber scissors are categorized into types based on several things. They are categorized based on their use and the basis of the individual barbers.

For example, scissors are available for both left and right-handed barbers. Similarly, in the case of larger and shorter hands, the sizes of the scissors also vary accordingly. 

On the other hand, based on their functionality, scissors are classified into thinning scissors, texturizing scissors, trimming, and cutting scissors.

Types of Barber Razors

Razors are an equally important tool in the barbershop. It has multiple functions, and hence, is one of the products one must keep. Razors, like scissors, are also classified into different types.

Different brands offer different features in the razors. While some have beautifully carved-out wooden handles, others have a lightweight smooth design. You will also come across brands like Cutlass that offer razor handles made out of cow bones.

Barber razors come in different colours and finishes. From the matte black handle of Jolly Roger to the brown wood finish handles of Matsui Master, a wide range is available.

Apart from the colour preferences or the finishing details, the weight of the razors is the deciding factor. As lightweight equipment is less fatiguing, it is, therefore, a priority of most of the professionals.

Barber Kits

Barber starter kits are available for our beginners, who have just stepped into the market. When starting a business, you need more than one or two tools to bring it into running. Therefore, carefully premeditated barber kits are designed by different brands for the ease of the users.

Although the kits are designed differently, some of the basic ones include scissors, razors, comb, shaving brush, and some other useful accessories.

Common Sizes Available in Barber Scissors

Barber scissors are different from the hairdressing scissors. This difference usually comes in the size of the scissors. Barber scissors are usually larger than the hairdressing scissors.

The difference is mainly due to the job descriptions of the barber and the hairdresser. While a hairdresser has a lot on the hands, a barber usually cuts the hair. A barber is neither seen texturizing or styling the hair, nor does he dyes the hair, and all the related stuff.

Therefore, the barber scissors are more often used, and they come in a size that is comfortable to use. Both a large and a small pair of scissors accompany the barbers. The common size of barber scissors that is known to be the standard size is seven inches.

How to Maintain Barber Scissors?

Maintenance is the key to keeping the equipment in good shape for optimal performance. As well as, to increase the longevity of the products. Here are some of the maintenance tips for beginners in the field;

Tension your Barber Scissors

Tensioning the scissors appropriately and frequently is crucial for barbers. The right amount of tension is required to bring ease to the use. It helps the barbers in maneuvering the scissors with less to no chances of injury to the wrist.

Furthermore, incorrect tension can damage your scissors and will hamper their function and performance. There is a simple technique for knowing if your scissors have the perfect tension.

If you feel resistance while cutting with your barber scissors, it means the tension needs a check. You can adjust the tension with an adjustor. Usually, adjusting the tension every morning before work is recommended.

Daily Cleaning of Professional Shears

Moisture is a monster for almost all kinds of equipment. Barber tools are no exception to it. Cleaning your scissors and shears with a soft towel or cloth is a recommended practice for professionals.

Clean your equipment after every use, and store it in dry clean cases.


Barber scissors and shears are crucial to starting a business of your own. In a business like salons and barber shops, the equipment is as important as the skills of the barber. With plenty of scissors available in the market, choosing the right tools becomes quite daunting.

But once you know all the parameters that you should know about barber scissors, the choice is not that hard to make. While you won’t know which products suit you best, you will still end up buying something that offers both quality and performance!

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