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Does It Matter What Kind Of Scissors You Use To Cut Your Hair?

Cutting your hair is a risk until and unless you go to a professional. But it is not possible to visit a salon every time we need a haircut. Situations change from time to time, and sometimes you cannot make your way to the salon.

It happens at times that you need to trim your hair, but you do not get the time to get it done by a professional. Now what to do in a situation like this is the question?

For these situations, you have to do something at home. How can you trim your hair when you have nobody around you.

Well, it is hard if you do not have sharp scissors at home.  Now people have different questions related to the use of regular scissors for a haircut.

Well, it is safe until and unless you use something that is not suitable to use on the hair. You can use a regular sharp scissor for cutting hair if it works well. But the fact that only special scissors are used for cutting is not true.

You can use regular scissors for cutting hair if they are sharp and can do the smooth cutting. But if you use an instrument that is not suitable for cutting hair, it makes things ugly.

By chance, if you use a scissor that is not sharp, it gets tough to manage the situation. The only requirement of cutting hair from scissors is its sharpness. If the scissors are not sharp, it means their blades will mess with your hair.

If you are having special trimming and cutting scissors in your setting then you should use them. And if not, then don’t do stunts of cutting them with some other instrument. It is a fact that the people who cut hair in-salon use special scissors. But if you think that no other scissor can be

used then is not true.

You can use regular scissors for cutting hair if they are sharp enough.

Can Regular Scissors Cut Hair?

Regular scissors are used for cutting hair only if you use them solely for this purpose. If you will do other cutting tasks with the regular scissors, you can clearly not use them for cutting hair.

The haircutting scissors are only supposed to cut hair, and it is the reason behind their use in salons.

They avoid using it for any other purpose of cutting because once their blades get exposed to something else, they would not work on hair. So, the confusion that is regular scissors suitable for cutting hair is true until and unless you only use them for hair cutting.

When you use the blades of your regular scissors on something else other than human hair, they would no longer work on your hair. But if you only use them for trimming and cutting your hair, they would work well.

Why Fabric Cutting Scissors Are Not A Good Choice?

When you use a scissor for cutting a piece of fabric, you see that its blades slide with it. And when this happens, it gives you a smooth cut. But have you ever imagined why fabric scissors are not suitable for cutting hair?

The fact that fabric cutting is different from normal scissors is because of their design and making. If you use fabric cutting scissors on your hair, it will not slide on your hair the way it does on the fabric.

As a result, you would get an uneven cut, and a rough end will be formed. To avoid a rough and uneven haircut, it is preferable not to use a fabric cutting scissor on hairs. The scissor blades get used too of the fabric, and they no longer work smoothly on the hair.

It is preferable to use a different scissor for different things.

Why Use Special Hair-Cutting Scissors?

When you use a fabric cutting scissor on any other place like your hair, you end up running them. And finally, you have to come to a professional to fix your rough and bad ends.

 When you use something other than special haircutting scissors on your hair, you hurt them and ruin their smooth look. If you are in hurry, and you cannot come to a salon, you can use a sharp scissor that you have not used previously.

It can work in that time but what is best is to get them cut by a professional with the help of special hair cutting scissor. It is not only satisfactory at your end but also the best thing to do to protect your hair from damage.

When you use the special hair scissors, you know that things will be smooth and it would not ruin your hair.

Sometimes when you use a sharp scissor, it makes your ends split. And they are visible after few days of cutting. To avoid this, it is better to choose a scissor that is best for cutting hair.

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