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Best Barber Kits

Best Barber Kits

The fashion world is advancing day by day. So the things used in this field are also getting advanced. There is a huge difference between the barber kit used a few years back and the kits used nowadays. Building a barber kit for new barbers on a budget might be a daunting task. This blog post demonstrates what are the essential accessories that the best barber kit always has and also explains a few examples of the best barber kits. 

What Do Best Barber Kits Must Have?

  1. Scissors

There is a variety of scissors that are used by barbers. It is all about the requirements. For different types of hairs, different scissors are used. Here are examples of a few scissors that are mostly present in a barber kit.  

  1. Convex Edge Scissors: These scissors have razor-sharp blades for precise and effortless cutting, making them ideal for crisp lines and defined styles.
  2. Left-Handed Scissors: Mirror images of regular scissors for the ultimate comfort and control for left-handed stylists.
  3.  Razor Scissors: Notched or serrated blades for texturizing, softer, and mixing layers.
  1. Trimmer

A good quality trimmer, like clippers, is essential in any beginner barber kit. The best-known Micro Trimmers are professional, high-performance trimmers with a single-speed rotary motor. Because of its lightweight and ergonomic design, it is ideal for trimming and detailing work. It includes snap-on/off blades for thorough cleaning, allowing you to maintain the product's performance and achieve a fresh cut each time you use it.

  1. Clippers

Clippers are a must-have barber tool in the best barber kit. Anyone planning to build a barber kit for beginners should budget for clippers. An excellent entry-level men’s hair clipper that is designed with apprentices and students in mind. Best Clippers have a simple but powerful motor, making it an excellent choice for hairdressing students. The cutting width of the corded clipper is 40mm, and the blades are high-precision, chrome-plated, rust-resistant, and replaceable via a screw system. The thumb lever allows you to change the taper and texture without changing the blades. Simply add the attachment combs for longer lengths.

  1. Foil Shavers

Foil Shavers are intended for precise blending and fading. In a barber kit, a foil shaver is the ultimate finishing tool for blending, fading, and bald fades. The ultra-fine foil allows for a 0.1mm close cut. For the ultimate super close cut and bump-free shave, only the lightest pressure is required. The tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which has an 80-minute run time. Use the quick-release button for hygienic use every time.

  1. Combs

There are numerous combs available in the Men's Personal Barber Kit. depending on the style you want to achieve. The Flat Top Comb Set is ideal for controlling long, thick hair with clippers or scissors. They will allow you to easily create balanced and level cutting. The smooth surface allows the clipper blade to glide across it smoothly.

  1.  Cape

A barber cape is essential for keeping your client neat during a haircut. In the best barber kits, capes are available in three different styles. It is a must-have for any busy barber or hairdresser looking for a high-quality cape with multiple uses. This lightweight and breathable professional hairdressing cape/gown keeps unwanted hair and hair products off customers and their clothes. An important consideration for any customer! Because of the hook fastening, this cape is one size fits all. You can wash our capes at a higher temperature (up to 60 0C) to kill any bacteria and viruses.

  1. Disinfectants

Barbering requires a high level of hygiene and cleanliness. You must sterilize your instruments, and workstations, and ensure your hands are clean before and after each customer. The disinfectant should keep your blades lubricated, clean, and bacteria-free. When used in conjunction with Antibacterial Surface Spray, a rapid and powerful surface disinfectant, it should eliminate 99.9% of viruses, germs, and yeasts, ensuring that your workspace is hygienic.

Best Barber Kits

Here are examples of a few best-known barber kits with their qualities. 

  1. Bircen Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set

This barber kit is known for its beautiful and elegant design. The scissors present in this kit give a sharp and easy cut. Most barbers have given excellent reviews for this kit. So it is worth spending on this kit. 

  1. Itkidboy Haircut Kit

The fantastic kit on the market. It is known for its excellent quality. Even people who are not barbers also love these kits. It is easy to style hair if you have this kit with you. Barbers are at great ease because of this trimmer because the lithium-ion battery is powerful.

  1. Frcolor Hair Cutting Scissors Set

This kit is loved for having a salon cape so that barbers are at ease. The scissors of this kit are made up of stainless steel. Moreover, the scissors can be used for males, females, kids, and dogs as well.

  1. Ample Berry Premium Hair Cutting Kit

This kit is best for clients having thick and longer hair. The battery charges very fast and works for long hours. It runs for almost 3 consecutive hours. 

  1. Misshalo Professional Barber Hair Cutting Kit

It has been designed after following the best ergonomic tips. The biggest advantage is that it has adjustable shears. The material used for its manufacturing is long-lasting as well as durable. You can use it on any hair type. So it can work on versatile options.

  1. Fiercewolf Haircut Kit

If you need a long-lasting kit then it is just for you. Because the titanium blade will never get rusted and keep your hair smoother. Moreover, its battery has lithium which lets it stay working for a longer time duration. If you have cleanliness concerns this trimmer and its parts are washable.


In conclusion, there are different accessories that are present in the best barber kit. In this blog, it is clearly explained which things you must have as a beginner. But having a good pair of shears is more important than anything. If you want to buy a good barber kit, we have also shared a few examples. So enjoy your passion for being a barber. 

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