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Best Barber Kit for Beginners

Best Barber Kit for Beginners

Setting on new journeys can be a tad overwhelming sometimes. The same goes for the novice barbers. When entering the field, or embarking on the journey, barbers have mixed feelings. Mixed emotions of excitement, fear, motivation, etc. everything mixes up to create an overwhelming situation.               

However, everything comes into place when one has finally started. For barbers, one of the most crucial things for this new journey is the tools, the barber’s kit. Barber’s kit is that one deciding factor that either brings in success or failure.

While the market is loaded with different products, not every product is made for beginners. Therefore, it becomes quite significant to know which tools are beginner-friendly and which must be maneuvered by professionals only.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the tools needed for a successful business in the industry. We will explore the must-have items for the barbers to make the best barber kit for our amateur barbers.

Hair clippers

Hair clippers are the heart of every barber kit. Without them, it is functionally impossible to work. They serve several purposes, and that is exactly what makes them essentially important.

They are essential for trimming, cutting, and shaping hair of various textures and lengths. The beginners must invest in hair clippers to include them in their kit.

It’s great to have a clipper that’s;

Adjustable: Hair clippers with various guard lengths bring versatility. Different guard lengths proffer flexibility.

Durable: Always opt for high-quality materials to ensure durability. Investing in high-quality tools definitely saves you bucks by offering a long lifespan of the products.

Hair Scissors/Shears

Hair clippers go best for bulky hair. They are great at bulk hair removal. But for precision cutting and thin hair, shears and scissors are must-haves in the kit. Beginners should look for the following features in the scissors and shears;

Size: Typically the size that is recommended for beginners is 5.5” and 6.5”. Generally, these sizes are suitable for amateurs.

Stainless Steel Composition: The material of the tools no matter what it is is quite important. Stainless steel ensures the durability and longevity of the products. Also, it maintains the sharpness that the barber needs for precision cuttings.

Combs and Brushes

Different styles and different textures of hair require different brushes. So, you must not limit yourself to just one comb or brush. Bring versatility to your barber kit, as you’ll be dealing with diverse customers.

Beginner barbers must have;

Wide-Tooth Comb: Wide-tooth comb is typically used for combing through wet hair. But it is not limited to that, it gently detangles the hair. So, it is a must-have!

Tapering Comb: As the name suggests, a tapering comb is used to tap the hair and is essential for blends and fades.

Round Brush: A round brush is as essential as the above two; it is used to add volume to the hair. Moreover, it comes in handy for smoothing the hair.

Hair Styling Products

While cutting and shaping the hair is the real job of a barber, the true look comes from styling. Styling is what helps the barbers to create a look with personalized best barber kit. The look that the customers demand!

Therefore, the barber’s kit must have the following styling products;

Hair Gels: Gels allow you to hold the hair however you want it to.

Texturizers: Texturizers, as the name shows, add definition and volume to the hair. It is by far, the favorite product of the customers these days.

Pomades: Pomades give the hair a sleek and shiny finish. It changes the hair texture into smooth, silky, and shiny,

Cape and Neck Strips

Hygiene is paramount. It is something that every barber should be peculiar about. As important as hygiene, is the comfort of the customers. You don’t want to spoil the clothes of the customers when using water or hair products on them.

Water-resistant capes come to the rescue in such situations. The water-resistance feature prevents the water and styling products from reaching the client’s clothes.

While the capes can be used on various clients, the neck stripes are used once per client to ensure hygiene. The clients are not only comfortable but also satisfied with the hygienic environment of the shop/salon.

Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is a necessary tool in the barber’s kit. Its role is not just limited to drying the hair but is also used in styling. Look for a high-quality and reliable dryer. The advanced dryers come with the cool shot button. These innovative buttons allow the barbers to lock the style, and it remains for longer periods.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tools

Tools only last if they are cared for. If not cared for, even the best tools with the highest quality are subjected to wear and tear. Every beginner should care for his tools by properly cleaning them. Maintenance products that every barber kit must have are;

Blade wash: Blades are prone to rust. Blade washes not only keep the blades clean but also prevent rust from eating the blades away.

Clipper Oil and Brush: Oils and brushes are an essential part of the maintenance kit of the clippers. Oils lubricate the moving parts to keep them functional and ensure optimal performance.

Barbicide Solution: Barbicide solution maintains the hygiene of the tools. It is used to disinfect the tools after every use, and before using them on new clients.


Efficiency brings success. It decides how proficiently your business, big or small, is running. It decides how much you are on the track, and how fast you’re moving.

A clean and well-organized environment not only gives an impressive look but also brings efficiency. It makes the transportation easier. A barber can easily access what he wants.


Starting as a barber with barber kit is an exciting journey. Having the right tools is the first step in ensuring a smooth and efficient business. While there is a lot to choose from, always prefer versatility, durability, material quality, and hygiene. As you gain experience, you can expand your toolkit tailoring it to your unique style.

The world welcomes you with open arms, happy barbering!
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