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What Scissors To Use To Trim Hair

What Scissors To Use To Trim Hair

Hairs are very important for everyone. People are really very conscious about their hairstyle and the haircut. That’s why barbers choose the most accurate hair-trimming scissors. There is a huge variety of hair-trimming scissors for different haircuts and different types of hair. The results are really dependent on the scissors the barber has chosen. In this blog, we will explore the variety of hair-trimming scissors and also explain which scissors are accurate for the specified hairstyle. 

Variety Of Scissors And Their Usage

When it comes to choosing the best hair-trimming scissors one must be familiar with all the types of scissors. If a barber has complete knowledge about the types of scissors and their qualities then he must easily pick the one according to his requirements. In this advanced era manufacturers are also trying to innovate the variety of scissors. 

  1. Wide-Tooth Scissors

When you need to cut large portions of hair then you must have wide-tooth thinners. These hair trimming scissors have wider teeth that help to thin out large chunks of hair. The small number of teeth allows more hair to come in between the teeth and then thin them out. It is a very important tool to be in the barber kit. The biggest advantage of wide-tooth scissors is that they save time.

  1. Blending Scissors

Thinning shears, on the other hand, are built with one narrow cutting blade and one with fine teeth, rather than two straight edges. These tools are intended to thin out thicker hair sections or to blend out cutting marks or weight lines. This sort of shear will normally have 23-40 small teeth with a narrow spacing between them. When combed, the hair in a segment tends to mix together because the pieces of cut and uncut hair are so fine or small. This is why they are commonly referred to as blending shears. The tips of most blending shears have tiny V or small grooves. 

  1. Swivel Scissors

This is a shear in which the thumb is separated from the finger hole and spins. This allows you to grasp the shear in a more natural posture with your thumb. These hair-trimming scissors let the user work in practically all cutting positions with their elbow down and wrist straight. The space between the thumb and finger holes also allows the hand to be more open. This minimizes the thumb movement required to open and close the shear by up to 60%. This, along with the lower elbow position, significantly reduces the risk of repetitive strain problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.

  1. Texturizing Scissors

What if you want to generate texture and movement by establishing separation or negative space within a section? Then a pair of seamless hair texturizing shears are the instrument for you. These shears have broader teeth and larger gaps. You can now tell the difference between cut and uncut hair. These hair-trimming scissors typically have between 5 and 20 teeth. The grooves at the tops of the teeth of these shears generally hold a specific amount of hair to be cut off by the straight blade. This can result in a castle wall effect in the hair. SENSEI has devised a new form of hair cutter that cuts the hair in motion, allowing each hair to be cut to a varied length. 

  1. Left-Handed Scissors

If you're left-handed, you've undoubtedly encountered more goods created exclusively for right-handed individuals than you'd want to admit. However, as you can think, it makes a huge difference in the line of work of a professional barber or hairdresser. You could certainly learn to use right-handed instruments, but you don't have to! This is because many of the previously stated products are available in left-handed versions.

Important Considerations For Hair Trimming Scissors

  1. The Style Of Handle

You have three various models to potentially choose from opposing grip, offset grip, and crane handles, and some of them are better at promoting good cutting techniques than others.

  1. Opposing Handle

 To begin, the opposing grip is the most symmetrical in appearance but the least pleasant for the hand and wrist. This is because many typical treatments need the stylist to elevate their elbow and push back their thumb.

  1. Offset Handle

 Unfortunately, the offset handle isn't much better. Though the thumb location on this model is shorter and hence closer to its natural form, the grip still forces the elbow upwards. 

  1. Crane Handle

It is said that the crane and rotating crane as the most recent shear handle technology for your current cutting demands.

  1. Suitable Blade

The two main ones of the hair-trimming scissors to be concerned with are beveled and convex models.

  1. Beveled edge blades

These are the most conventional and, as a result, the most popular. They do, however, have a significant disadvantage in that they make more advanced cutting techniques, such as slide cutting, more difficult.

  1.  Convex blades

Convex blades have a curved outer face that generates a sharper angle for the edge, resulting in smoother, longer-lasting cuts. As a result, convex blades are more commonly preferred by professional hairstylists.

  1. Scissors’ Length

The length of the hair-trimming scissors is another key factor to be considered when selecting hair-trimming scissors. It all depends on the techniques mostly used by the barber. So for selecting the perfect length,, one must be familiar with the techniques they mostly follow.  

  1. Short Scissors

If you desire to have accurate hair cut then you should use short scissors. The best technique that can be implemented using short scissors is cutting between the fingers of the other hand. 

  1.  Longer Scissors

Long scissors are often used for multiple techniques. The barbers who have to shear over comb, cut on the skin, and face-framing procedures mostly use long scissors. 


Hair-trimming scissors come in a wide range of styles. Barbers use different scissors for different haircuts and hair types. The barber's choice of scissors has a significant impact on the outcome. In this blog, we have shared different types of scissors and also explained important factors to be considered. Choose the best hair-trimming scissors according to your hair styling needs and become a successful hair stylist. 

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