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What Are The 4 Types Of Haircuts?

What Are The 4 Types Of Haircuts?

Are you searching for trending haircuts? Or are you interested in knowing the top four haircuts? Well, here we are with a summary of four haircuts using stylish Layer Scissors.

Before we jump into the types it is essential to know the importance of haircuts.

What Is A Haircut?

A haircut is simply a change or renewal of your hair. It involves trimming, changing in length, or the overall look. Moreover, a haircut is a fresh look that you give to your dead ends. 

People go for haircuts to either get rid of split ends, to change their look, or to enjoy a whole new vibe with layered shapes. Now the question is why do people go for haircuts?

Well, haircuts are like new beginnings and people opt for these beginnings when they are bored with old looks. For girls, haircuts are a shortcut to reflect style and change in self-expression. They go from long beautiful hair to chic bob, and sometimes from dull long bob to beautiful layers. This change in style energies their whole vibe to live like a daring pixie.

On the other hand, for boys, haircuts are like a necessity. It sharpens their look and makes them look chic and fresh. They usually go for haircuts every month to maintain a healthy length and clean look.

Haircuts are magical transitions that enhance your natural features. It is also like an experiment to see what suits your face or what kind of haircut gives you a stylish shapeshift. However, this blog aims to provide insights into the top four haircuts that are the go-to haircuts among common people.

Four Basic Types Of Haircuts

There are a lot of haircuts, but the four fundamental haircuts that are in trend are as follows

Layers At 90 Degree

The 90-degree layer haircut is the go-to haircut for most clients. It consists of five sections of layers to add more volume and style. As the name suggests, they are cut at a 90-degree angle, with sections of different lengths. 

The benefits of this haircut are extra volume, smooth texture, and perfect blend. All these brownie points give you a chic look so you can enjoy the change. It also enhances the overall look to give a versatile and balanced look. 

In addition, 90-degree layers are not a piece of cake. They demand high-level practice or expertise. So, whenever you think of getting this haircut make sure you have the following things around you

. Professional Barber

. Sharp Layer Scissors

. Sectioning combs

. Water Spray Bottle

All this equipment along with a hairdresser are the key demands. Also, in the presence of a clean mirror and good lighting, you can keep a check on what is happening to your hair for your satisfaction.


Small and long bobs are the first haircut that hits your brain windows as soon as you think of change. It is the shortest length or complete change in the look that is also considered a trend. The hype and love of Bob Cut is never out of fashion. 

Now what is Bob cut? It is typically a haircut with shoulder-length hair. However, it is a straight cut with no bangs, layers, or any extra thing around your face. The small and long bobs are classic haircuts that only demand hair shortening. 

Moreover, it is a timeless haircut and is always on trend. The best thing about this haircut is that everybody who goes for it looks good, no matter what the face shape or angle is. It suits all kinds of faces oval, straight or sharp. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get it if you want to enjoy a modern and classic haircut.

There are some bobs in which Professional Hairdressing Scissors add extra elements like curtain bangs or layers to add more style to it. But the basic bob haircut is a uniform medium hair length with variations like a textured bob or an A-line bob. They are a bit different, but the fundamentals, like short length, are still there.

Fade Cut

It is a common haircut for men also known as a taper cut. It is fully transitional with changes in length on the sides and back area. The purpose of this haircut is to blend different lengths at the back and sides so well that they add volume to the crown area. 

The fade cut also consists of subtypes like low fade, taper fade high fade, or mid fade. All these types adjust the hair volume in the crown area following their names however, men go for this haircut for a takedown or from one look to a completely different person after the new look. 

Quiff Haircut

It is also a popular men's haircut with messy fringes and balanced hair on the sides. The purpose of this haircut is to get rid of extra hair on the sides and keep the forehead and crown area full. It enhances the face features like the jawline or the other sharp edges that beautify the look even more. 

In addition, the Quiff haircut in men is a styling variation and it has always in trend since 1950. It gives a very classy and celebrity look that demands some kind of upkeep from your side. It is a suitable haircut for men with messy, curly, and fringe hair, and the majority of men deal with this issue. Men are not into hair in general, but Quiff Hair manages things well with the high-degree cut length. 

Bottom line

There is a long list of haircuts, but what matters is how good your hairdresser and equipment are. If you use layer scissors or visit a professional Barber it is for sure that whatever the haircut, nothing would mess up. Also, don’t hesitate to try or experiment with different haircuts to finally find your statement style. In conclusion, the four basic haircuts are Bob, layers, fade cut, and Quiff haircuts in men. Each one of them consists of different characteristics to enhance your facial features or change style. 

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