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Ultimate Guide Of Best Hair Cutting Shears For Students

Ultimate Guide Of Best Hair Cutting Shears For Students

Do you know the right Hair Cutting Shears can make a difference? Well, it is a fundamental truth and no one can deny it. They are like a silver lining in dark clouds that helps you achieve the desired haircut or hair framing. 

The hair shears are sharp tools that help you get the edge, straight, layered, and different hair looks. They consist of two blades and a handle to control the movement of sharp blades connected on the other ends respectively. Although the idea of hair shears is very much like hair scissors, the version is different. They are upgraded hair scissors that offer more precision and accuracy to a professional hairdresser in their normal day practice. 

Why Do Hair Cutting  Shears Matter For Beginners?

Now the question is how Hair Cutting Shears matter? Well, they matter because the art and craft of a hairdresser depends on the fundamental tool they hold in their hands. If the tool is right, there is no chance of mess or chaos. On the other hand, if the hair shear is sharp or up to the mark, it would help them satisfy their clients with the desired look. 

Whether you are a renowned hairdresser or a beginner, one thing that speaks on your behalf is the tools you use or the way you use them. In both cases, one thing is common and it is the hair shear because there is no existence of a barber without a hair cutting tool.

So the type of hair shear you choose defines how you work. If it is sharp, cool, and easy to handle there is nothing wrong with it. However, if it has rough cutting blades, there would be a chance of disaster or an irregular haircut. 

Moreover, there are plenty of things to consider while purchasing a hair shear because it will directly or indirectly affect your results.

Ultimate Guide For Best Hair Cutting Shears For Beginners 

Here is a step-by-step guide to understanding different hair shears and their pros and cons. This guide will help you get a smooth and quick start to your hairdresser journey


Jaguar is an ergonomic German hair shear with flat edge blades and offset handles. It is a popular hair shear available between the range of 5.5 and 6.0. However, it is an everyday hair shear that helps you start your hairdressing journey in a flow. It is a perfect choice for beginners because you can use it on all hair types or can practice hair-cutting techniques. Also, it is a professional-grade scissor that helps you attain precision and accuracy within days.


It is a popular hair scissor with basic convex blades and a leather case to protect the handles. It is a famous hairdressing shear with offset handles and a size of around 6.0. What makes it an extraordinary choice is its high-quality steel material, sharp edges, and sakura flower design. However, the convex blades are comfortable to use, and they make it easy for beginners to cut different hair types with no stress of irregularity or lack of smoothness. 


It is a famous hair shear of an Australian brand known as Mina Umi. The Mina Umi hair cutting shears are like an all-rounder that helps you attain a variety of haircuts and hair styling options. You can also use them for trimming as a beginner to start your professional career. Also, the flat edge blades and easy-to-handle leather scissor pouch are like a cherry on top. They let you experiment with hair-cutting techniques without making a mess. You can get them between the range of 5.0 to 7.0, to order the right size for your hand.

Stainless 2000 5.5" Styling Shears

It is a flexible hair scissors that you can use at home or the salon. Professional hairdressers love the versatility and control of this scissor because it is a jack of all trades. It comes with sharp blades and a size that fits well for beginners. However, the style and shape are simple but they look classy in its way. The stainless steel adds more value to it making it comfortable for beginners to try new haircuts.

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Japanese Stainless Steel Scissor

It is a well-known hair shear with razor-sharp edges. They are a durable option that you can purchase at the start of your career, and they will stay with you for a long. The ergonomic handles and high-quality steel make them look premium and worth spending money on. In addition, they help you attain precise and clean cuts to make your hairdressing journey beautiful and effortless. 

Fagaci Professional Hair Cutting Scissor 

The Fagaci hair scissor is a popular Japanese scissor. It is easy to handle and the comfort it offers is worth the money or investment. As a beginner, you can trust the durability and precision of Fagaci hair-cutting scissors because it is specifically designed for fresh hairdressers who need more control and comfortable handling. Moreover, these scissors consist of adjustable tension screws that give you the room to try different hair-cutting techniques on your clients. As a beginner, you can trust this hair shear because it has a smooth cutting action and a stylish case that helps in handling the scissors well. 

Sirabe 10-Piece Hair Cutting Scissor Kit

It is a beautiful grooming set that comes with micro-serrated scissors. These small scissors are highly durable and they allow precise cuts from the start. As a beginner, you can trust this kit because it comes with a lot of things like a thinning comb, cleaning cloth, clips, and much more. It is a popular haircutting kit that barbers use daily. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Hair Cutting Shears are a versatile tool, and they help you build a successful journey as a hairstylist. It is up to you, whatever hair scissors you choose but research is still required. It gives you all the insights and details that you must know as a hairdresser. 

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