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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Professional Hair Trimming Scissors

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Professional Hair Trimming Scissors

A salon is devoted to finding the best tools to make their customers happy. Finding the best tool is key to running a successful business. Hair trimming scissors are the main tool of salon.  A large number of people visit the salon and giving the best treatment is the purpose of every salon. They have a desire to select the best tools. Trimming is very important when it comes to hair strength. In today’s world not only women but men are also enthusiastic to visit salons, they are also concerned with their hair health.

Importance of trimming:

There are a great number of tasks that are done at the salon and many people think that those tasks can also be performed at home but the actual difference is accuracy. Salons do threading, facials, keratin, threading, and many other things. Trimming is considered one of the easiest tasks and many people do it by their selves at home but not with accuracy. Trimming has numerous advantages as mentioned below:

Prevent split ends:

The split end is considered the most damaged part of hair. For removing split ends trimming is considered the best treatment. The rough hairs are removed and thus new hair growth starts.

Prevent heat damage

Due to heat, the protein bonds are altered and thus hair gets permanently damaged. There are many remedies that people try to treat their damaged hair but their all remedies go in vain trimming is the best way to treat damaged hair caused by heat.

Prevent thin ends:

The longer the hairs the thin it becomes. To increase volume in ends trimming is done. To make the hair healthier trimming is the best option.

Importance of selecting scissors for trimming:

Selecting the best shear is very important as using the wrong shear can lead to uneven cutting of hairs which can be hectic for both the client and customers. There are many shears used by professionals for the best results which are as follows:

Thinning shear:

It has thin teeth on one or both sides of the sharp cutting blades. They are used to remove the bulk and form a layered texture in the hairs. These shears are used in the end to give the final touch. They are not used to change the structure but are used to give the finishing look.

Blending shear:

It has wider teeth on one or both sides of the blade. It is used to remove weight and give a curly texture to hairs. These are used to remove soft hard lines. They are incredibly sharp and make the cutting and thinning of hair easy for the barber.



Dry cutting shear:

It allows you to glide smoothly through the is used for condensed cutting. This also does deep textures.

Long blade hair cutting scissors:

These Hair trimming scissors are for different techniques. They keep the texture even not crooked. These scissors are heavier but provide a mesmerizing texture to the hairs. Long-blade hair scissors are used in the starting to cut the hair in a straight line.

Types of blades for hair trimming:

When choosing the scissors blade is also an important factor to be kept in consideration. There are three main types of blades:

The convex edge blade:

It is the most precise shear used by all of the barbers. It is sharp and pointed and offers easy cutting. These are high-quality blades.

The beveled edge blade:

This is not used for advanced cutting techniques but it provides a very smooth texture to the hairs. It is easier to use. This is suitable for blunt cutting.

The serrated edge blade:

It is not sharped as other but it is used for smooth cutting. These are used for round-cutting haircuts at the end.

How to choose the right hair shear for you?

For selecting the right shear these points should be kept in mind

Hair type:

While choosing shear your hair type must be kept in mind. Every type of hair requires a different type of shear. For the hair type, one should consult with a hair professional. For different layers and lengths according to it, shear should be chosen.

Cutting technique:

Choose a shear that is designed for the specific technique. Different scissors offer different levels of cutting and texture. Different type of cutting such as layering, slide cutting, and other types of cutting needs different types of shears.

Quality and durability:

Using high-quality shear is very important. Stainless steel should be used. Shears made from durable material should be bought. Reliable shears should be used for the best treatment. Quality matters a lot as many shears get stained and they cannot be used for a longer time.

When choosing a shear, the following things should be kept in mind:

Choose comfort:

Comforts come first for everyone. A shear that is comfortable while using should be chosen. Heavy shear should be avoided as it will weaken the muscle strength and the person using it will feel fatigue. They should be determined for cutting techniques and length should be determined to be easily held in hands.

Use shear with ergonomic handle:

Opening and closing the shear all day long apply high pressure on the fingers, wrist, and shoulders. Lightweight shear should be used. Many cheaper shears are weighable and have opposing grip handles. It can cause much strain on the wrist.

Finishing Words:

Choosing a shear is the most difficult thing because you have to look for everything that matches your expectations. Hair trimming scissors play a key role in giving texture to hairs. Choosing it affects the cutting of the hair so durable and accurate shear should be used. For running a successful business, one should look at the minor details of the shear. If a person wants to keep their customer happy.

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