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Which Hair Scissors are the Best for hair Cutting?

Which Hair Scissors are the Best for hair Cutting?

There are some days where we are not able to handle the sight of our bordered dead ends. At this

moment, trim with best hair scissors. Seeing our dead ends of hair is the most disagreeable thing,

and the tempting thing to do at that moment is to hold the scissors. A proper trim also helps in thick

appearance of hair. Giving ourselves a trim is the best we can do to maintain the health of our hair.

All of these can be achieved by holding a good pair of scissor and trimming our hair. While cutting the

hair, choosing the best pair of scissors is very important, as scissor play a key role in giving shapes to the

things. Scissors are best because it do not tear the thing but gives it a proper shape, even when it comes

to hair shaping. However selecting the best scissor is the most difficult choice to make. Picking up a

random pair scissors can cause damage to our hair.

When choosing the right pair of scissors there are some factors that must be kept in mind:


The length of the scissor must be kept in mind. The scissor must be not being too long or too short. It

should be of the size while using it which is comfortable not distressful for the person who is using it.


The weight of the scissor also maters because, while holding it ‚it should be weightless so the person

may not feel fatigue after the use. It should be light in weight to be easily used by the barbers and the

people for cutting the hairs.

Size of blade:

The size of the blade is also an important factor in choosing the best scissor. The size that is most

desirable is between 5.5 to 6.0 inch.

Not only these factors but also the style‚ the quality of steel and the type of blade are also some

important factor while choosing the best scissors.


The materials from which scissors are made are also of considerations because those materials are

durable and are stainless. As their is use of water while cutting hair so, from those materials,

scissors should be made which cannot cause rusting and are stainless.


Hairdressing scissors must be sharpened. Sharpening scissors once in a year helps in fluent cutting and

maintains the shape of the hairs. The blade sharpening is the most precise and important factor for

Barbers. Choosing the right tools by the barbers is important; they must make sure the customers

comfort and the safety.

Use for Extendable Time

When choosing a best shear for hair cutting, people must look for those scissors which can be for

extendable time. They should use the most precise and sharpened hair scissors, which makes the cutting

 fun and enjoyable.

Types of Best Hair Scissors

The best hair scissors are of different types:

Convex edge hair cutting scissor:

These type of scissors are curved outward and are used for many type of cutting, such as layers and bob

cutting. These scissors are usually used for the thick hair and for fine work. They provide good control

while cutting. They are easy to use. These shears are the most popular and are used by many hairstylists.

Beveled edge shape scissors:

These types of scissors are usually used for blunt cuts and layers hair cutting. They have sharp edge,

gives them durability and are easy to use? They have sharp edges which helps with the

complicated layers.

Short blade hair scissors:

These scissors are used by every hairstylist as it helps in the detailing of the haircuts. The length of the scissors affect the cutting, and that’s why this is used in detailing of the haircuts. These are easy for

hairdressers to use who has short hands to use. This type of scissor has many advantages during the hair cut. They are not heavy to hold so can be used for extended period of time without any fatigue.

Long blade hair scissors:

These type of scissors are used for straight cutting as they are easier in straight cutting rather than crooked. These are useful for those people who have long fingers. It is useful in providing the texture to the cutting and the detailing of the hair cut. The provide astonishing stability and cover a larger area of

hairs, so the hair stylist takes less time.

Offset handle scissors:

These are designed in such a way with longer finger and shorter thumb. The shorter thumb has many

advantages as it prevents pressure on the thumb and the hair stylist is comfortable and at ease while

using it. Thus, it provides greater stability and potential to the person who is using it.

Crane handles hair scissors:

This has gained a lot of popularity in the decades. It also reduces the pressure and the pain on the thumb. Thus, the hairstylist can use it with open, hand and it executes a comfort to the hair stylist.


It is important for the hairstylist to check the tension of the scissors everyday. If the scissors are hard and stiff one cannot use it easily and cutting the hair will not be more than a nightmare.

That’s why checking and selecting the best scissor is very important as it provides the client a safe situation and the client can trust the hair stylist. When it comes to buying scissors, many people do not buy expensive scissors but one should not bargain as for the hair stylist a good quality of scissor is more important rather than a scissor with low price or high price.

Final Words

The above mentioned hair scissors are the best hair scissors which can be used and are used by many hair stylist. Scissors must be selected according to the need of the hair cut. It must be used to maintain the shape and length of the long, healthy hairs.

Scissors are important as they allow a hair dresser to make the shape of the hair explained by the client accurately. Without it, cutting is impossible, as it is easy to use.

Scissors are the most important tool for the hairstylist, and they must buy them and use them with all their hearts.

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